Overcharged Because You Are Successful

by Alexandru Lungu 17. January 2011 09:40


From time to time I see products (latest: SharpKit) for which the developer company can charge you for who you are, not for what their product worth.

So,  you see their product on the website (or you can even try it) and if you want to buy it you’d have to fill up a form or send an email to the producer selling department, telling them who you are and what intend to do with their product, and they will reply you with the price.

I have nothing against paying for software, but I think it is normal to see the price policy that applies to everybody.

To me it looks like this: if you’re an obscure garage company will cost you 10$, but if you’re the second biggest company in India for example, or want to develop something that seem to bring a lot of money, you’ll have to pay $1000. 

Can they actually fool anyone?

P.S. One of the most comprehensive questionnaires about you and the product you want to develop is on the Price Inquiry page from the db4o site – of course only to meet your demands best.



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