The Pragmatic Programmer

by Alexandru Lungu 26. July 2010 22:24


During the SqlServer 2008 R2 launch in Romania (March 10th 2010 - Howard Johnson’s Hotel Bucharest) I've met with an old colleague I worked a few years ago at Totalsoft, Teodor Blidarus. He held a presentation during which he asked the audience "who read the The Pragmatic Programmer" and mentioned that the book changed his life.

Only one people raised his hand from about 100 people. At that time I never heard about the book, but this guy was one of the best professionals I worked with so I was intrigued. I looked for the book and red it. The book is indeed extremely good, but it would've been really useful for me when I was 14 and at the start of my journey. There was nothing from that book that now I don't already know.

Most of the time, while reading it, I was remembering being in situations, or reaching conclusions like the ones presented in the book. Of course it would've been better to learn all of those things from the book than from real life (actually some of them I learn it from other books, some were obvious, but still remain enough that I learned the hard way).

Therefore I've decided to promote this book on my blog.

So, if you feel like a journeyman (or don't feel like Master), take a look at this book. Or at least take a look at their tips.



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